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Zappos is at it again

Zappos is at it again

As Professor Maxham likes to point out during class, Zappos is not really in the online shoes business. It is in the customer service business. While Zappos’ frills-free online shoe shopping experience created an e-commerce juggernaut, Zappos’ management is beginning to wonder if their diversification from shoes into over 127,000 styles and over 1,000 brands is beginning to be more of a burden than a blessing for customers who are increasingly unable to navigate the pure volume of inventory Zappos moves for over $1 billion in annual revenue. 

Their solution: Glance. Glance takes a page from popular sites like Pinterest by allowing its users to curate, or organize styles, brands, and products they like onto boards with the option of receiving feedback from their friends or others in the “Glance community” of shoppers. While the idea of curated commerce is currently a hot topic in the online retail space, its yet another example of Zappos’ making the customer’s concern– in this instance SKU deluge– a driving impetus to an innovation of their business model. 

As the article mentions, this is not Zappos first foray into social networking. The ill-fated My.Zappos that launched several years ago never gained traction and is no longer in existence. You can bet that if there is an opportunity for Zappos to build a better shopping experience for its customers (not to mention a rich reservoir of free customer-driven data), they will give it a go. 

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