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Can’t Watch “Big Daddy” on Netflix Anymore

As I sit here at 1:30 AM, it is officially May 1st. With any luck my group will turn in a kick ass report for Plow & Hearth and CVA to Professor Maxham tomorrow morning. With any more luck I’ll actually fit in some sleep before I watch my fellow classmates present their assuredly fantastic ideas.

While working, I thought back to the other times I was hunched over a laptop screen at 1:39 AM–watching Netflix. In these more pleasant moments, I distractedly binge watched countless shows and movies despite my tired eyes and better judgement. Part of what makes Netflix so special is the number of choice available. This seemingly endless supply is what helps to keep Netflix relevant as a streaming service. There are countless websites and blogs that help users comb through these choices. 

Tomorrow, Netflix loses 1,794 movies. That’s a lot of content. 

Hopefully the end of these licensing deals doesn’t spell the end of Netflix. Check out more information about what’s happening to Netflix here.

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