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Case of the Long Spaghetti

The other day I was grocery shopping at Harris Teeter, just minding my own business and not expecting anything out of the ordinary until this magically appeared right before my eyes:



Now, you might be wondering WHY the excitement coming from this almost made me pee my pants but just think back to the last time you were cooking spaghetti. The water in the pot is boiling and you have the spaghetti ready to go, BUT WAIT!!!! You find that the spaghetti is too long for the pot so you have to break it in half for it to fit. The act of breaking the spaghetti gets all the broken little pieces everywhere, even inside your stove so the CO2 detector starts going off. An innocent kitchen escapade quickly turns into a horrible nightmare with you running around opening all the doors and windows while fanning at the CO2 detector.

Ok I admit that no one probably had this same exact experience, but the case of the long spaghetti is probably pretty pervasive in the amateur kitchens around the country. Props to Harris Teeter for uncovering this insight and leveraging it for good. Now I can cook my pasta without worrying about fire trucks and ambulances.


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