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Greatness is not rare: Nike creates emotional connection with customers

“Greatness is not some rare DNA Strand. It’s not some precious thing. Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We are capable of it. All of us.” Yes, it is an ad from NIKE which value the greatness from normal people and encourage customers to conquer themselves and reach a certain personal goal.

The ad is telling a story about a boy called Nathan who weighed 232 pounds at the time but lose 30 pounds in six month using healthy and scientific methods. However at when the ads was launched some criticized the ad and said NIKE takes use of the boy and gain sympathy. From my perspective, the ad is cheerful and use emotional connection to encourage customers to chase dream and conquer themselves. Overweight and losing weight has become a heated issue in current society and most of people feel unconfident and lose hope in the situation. However NIKE create internal value for customers by creating confidence and courage in the products.

The greatness can help people find dream, gain respect and get confidence. Nike always does great job by using emotional connection with customers and establish positive brand image.


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Monster create a emotional connection with potential customers



“I love my job.” That’s what most people attempt to convince themselves. However, in the reality, most people lie to themselves and don’t love their current jobs at all. The commercial launched by Monster used Pinocchio’s dilemma to reveal the social phenomena and create an emotional connection with the potential customers by digging the true feelings from their heart. The commercial is impressive because it successfully explore the demand of the potential market and show “empathy” to customers. Monster answered the question from customers: “Why should we purchase your offering?” Because Monster puts itself in customers’ shoes and provide the service to help customer not simply find a job, but provide a opportunity to get a graceful job which can help customer no longer fool themselves any more.

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