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True Brand Intelligence Lays Centered between the Head and the Heart

R[E]D - Research : Emotion : Design

Today’s marketing strategy has been blown up with big data. Don’t get this wrong, data is important.

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But the human emotional connection is what truly matters. If marketers are looking for the intelligent solution to today’s modern marketing, big data alone won’t be the “golden ticket.” Data alone promises a risk of an indelible letdown.

Getting the business needle moving takes a great brand development strategy and data research that brings precision to your relevant marketing. Data alone doesn’t motivate consumers to buy. Rather, the capability to read the mind of your customers will lead to the emotional connection that drives consumers to buy.

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With modern-day marketers having a direct focus on big data, the emotional connection on which humans thrive is being pushed into the peripheral. RED is leading in this brand marketing strategy. Leaders know that…

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Why The Chinese Yuan Is The Most Important Currency Right Now

Corporate Story Teller

On Monday, Chinese equity markets were down more than 1% after reports surfaced that China’s Industrial Bank had stopped lending to property/housing-related projects, and the rise in home prices in China showed signs of slowing in January.

As a bit of background, the China bears have long warned that there is a huge real-estate bubble in China that will eventually pop. When it does, they argue, it could take the entire market down with it. That means we would see a repeat of the housing bust that we saw here in the U.S. in 2008. So, any negative China real estate news is usually a short-term negative, and that’s what happened Monday.

Yet while the focus was on housing and lending markets, I think the more important event in China of late is the fact that the Chinese yuan very quietly fell 1.3% vs. the U.S. dollar last week. The…

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Market Insights in Morocco & Ghana

A Global Commerce Immersion

Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things--Theodore Levitt