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Kate Spade New York- Live Colorfully

Bill McComb, the CEO of Kate Spade, and Sarah Payne (UVA ’05), the Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis and Investor Relations launched the Kate Spade Saturday project for the Customer Analytics and Brand Strategy class this week. We are looking forward to get to know the ‘Saturday’ girl and come up with the strategies to make her more popular.


Brand Yourself Successfully: A Guide on How to Constantly Improve Your Personal Brand Equity



There are several concepts and theories which can be applied to business as well as to you as an individual to manage your personal success. Keller’s Brand Equity Pyramid(BEP) is one of the most effective tools which can be applied to your business and, more importantly in our situation, to you as a person. In this post I am going to cover the Brand Equity Pyramid and its usefulness in everyday life. The pyramid represents a step by step process which flows from the bottom of the pyramid to the top (see picture above). All the quadrants in the pyramid represent criteria for your public success which apply through your day to day interactions at work, home, and outside. By working and improving each criteria or a quadrant in the pyramid, a person can reach the top of the pyramid (brand equity) which is the most important aspect…

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Two Lessons Brands Can Learn From Audi’s Recent A3 Campaign

Wavelength Marketing

Audi’s brand is smooth.  It’s characterised by cool, product quality, sophistication and more than a pinch of panache.  Sure, it can be seem as a little aloof and condescending at times but for the most part it’s highly desirable. Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 17.22.00 The recent A3 launch campaign in the US seems to mark a change in tack. The focus appears to be deriding competing brands such as BMW and Mercedes  instead of focusing on the benefits their brand delivers. Whilst Audi is wise to align brand / target market personality and tap into their desired social status it’s hard not to think majoring on negative associations connected with their competitors is a bit of a low blow. It’s taken Audi down a gear or two so to speak. So what can we learn from Audi’s A3 campaign? We think there are two key points:

  1. “If you throw dirt the only thing you lose…

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Why Loehmann’s is bankrupt while T.J. Maxx cruises along


For High-End Home Brands, Location is Everything. And Nothing.


I’m Lovin’ It: Going Global by Going Local


Authentic Brands are Built Inside Out

Internal Communications Consultant

Brand ChampionsAuthentic brands are built from the inside out and effective employee communication is critical to the process. Brands are authentic when their claims align with actual customer experiences. The interaction between an employee who is a champion of the brand and a customer is often that proof point and effective employee communication is often the difference maker.

Employee communication can transform regular employees into brand champions by:

  1. Clearly articulating what brand behavior looks like and what is expected from employees.
  2. Making brand behavior personally relevant to individual jobs via real life workplace examples.
  3. Modeling, celebrating and recognizing good examples of brand behavior.
  4. Providing employees with key messages that they can use to shape their conversations with customers.
  5. Explaining business strategies to employees so that they understand not only what to do but why they are doing it.

Consistent, multi-layered and ongoing employee communication can create and sustain brand champions and…

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Why Tangerine is such a smart brand name


Last week ING Direct Canada announced that it will be changing its name to Tangerine in the Spring of 2014. ING Direct, the country’s largest online-only bank, is required to change its name within eighteen months from the date of its acquisition under the terms of its sale to the Bank of Nova Scotia back in September, 2012.

The decision to rebrand ING Direct to “Tangerine” is a smart strategic move by the Bank of Nova Scotia for two reasons:Tangerine

  • It represents an astute understanding of the leverage and impact that different naming strategies can have on corporate entities
  • It ensures the new brand name will quickly be linked to a key aspect of its current visual identity that anchors the brand’s associations in the minds of its customers

Understanding the leverage and impact of naming strategies

In an earlier post, Choosing a naming strategy for an acquired brand and business

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Rollet Draws for Martell

SaaHub News

Claire Rollet can finally reveal her work done for the cognac Martell.
Working with the Parisian advertising agency Being, Claire made illustrations showing chic Paris style for a limited edition bottle. It was a major campaign with the drawings being used on the packaging, shelf stoppers, shopping bags and palette boards aswell as the bottle itself. Claire says “I had great fun with this job, taking me back to my French roots. Marine Bouvier was a fantastic Art Director with a great vision and lots of energy.”
Claire Rollet is represented by Illustration


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Good packagings of the week #5

Je suis planneur...

Chicklit Candles by Morgan Sterns


Vinosapiens by Anagrama


Diablo’s Shadow by Cult Partners


A great limited edition Surf Grooming Kit designed by Studio Point and Make Co.


RR.Spink & Sons by WeAreGood
Organix box by Dragon Rouge UK
Organix_Box_Group Shot_755x425px

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Market Insights in Morocco & Ghana

A Global Commerce Immersion

Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things--Theodore Levitt