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Shifting Sand: Analytics Revelations at NRF 2014

Marketing Intelligence

By Joe Dalton

Reflecting on my conversations with retailers, vendors, and analysts this week at NRF (#NRF14), I came away with some observations on how analytics is evolving for marketers:

  1. Effective direct customer engagement is everyone’s goal, but flexibility, agility, and the ability to experiment is key to achieving it in your organization. The foundation for this house is shifting sand, so using construction methods that work for solid rock won’t do. What may be a good engagement vehicle one day will be passé the next. When a millennial on a panel at NRF says,

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Sunday the 8th of December 2013 is as usual another powerful segment of “The Platform” Radio Talk Show between the hours of 3-5pm GMT at Fire Live Radio with the topic for discussion;


Remember how you position yourself in the market you operate is very critical to your success in this competitive world we live in today.

In the hot seat is Peter Gerlach who is the Director of the Gerlach Group, Business Strategist and a High Performance Sales Consultant.

However you can listen to Fire Live Radio at and on your mobile at

Call the studio land line +44207 738 5520 /+44203 002 8482 to contribute to the program.

Mobile: Call or Text to +447535148316.

USA and listeners in Canada can call the studio line on 3122 389 510 and those in Europe on 0689 389 510.

Keep The Fire…

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Positioning Hack #12: Brand Archetypes

Positioning Hack #12: Brand Archetypes.


7 Things to Include in Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy


Digital Marketing Trends

Retailing: From A to Z

What should retailers know about digital marketing trends in 2014?
Take a look at this infographic from


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5 Key Questions To Brave Customer Experience

Left Brain - Right Brain


A very interesting chart published late last year by Beyond Philosophy shows an evolution of the top 10 brands in Customer Experience Management between 2011 and 2013. Some of the key areas where these brands are making a difference, and the reason WHY they have been mentioned as TOP include excelling in customer serviceease of use and good communications.


You can see Apple losing ground, Amazon just doing better and better, and Zappos, an online retailer for shoes and clothing, just clinging there at the top. Starbucks, Tesco and Vodafone are out of the list, and newcomers are for example John Lewis, a chain of upmarket department stores, Southwest, an airline company, and IKEA. I think IKEA is on this list, deservedly and finally, and both John Lewis and Southwest Airlines are there because of their amazing employee engagement approach. Their focus on “employees first” really pays off…

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OKC Thunder Achieves CX Excellence with Partners

Experience Matters

Last year, NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder was one of the winners of Temkin Group’s Customer Experience Excellence Award. When Pete Winemiller, Senior Vice President, Guest Relations of the OKC Thunder heard of the victory, the first thing he asked was if they could get separate awards for each of their partners who help the team provide a wonderful fan experience.

Here’s a picture from the halftime ceremony at a recent game where the Thunder presented those awards to its partners:

2012 - Thunder Temkin Award Presentation Photo

Winemiller shared his perspective:

“Following-up as promised concerning the recent halftime presentation where the Thunder presented Temkin Group Customer Experience Excellence Awards to leadership from our Business Alliance Partners. This leadership group represents hundreds and hundreds of talented and skilled front-line team members who do A+ work caring for their Guests throughout the NBA season. Thank you again for recognizing the magnificent role our front-line team plays in making our organization successful.”

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The Most Important Question To Ask Your Customers

ImageThink about it. You ask one strategic question of your customers and the business equivalent of clouds separating and a chorus of angels singing commences simultaneously and immediately; you start to enjoy success as you’ve never seen before. Your branding message, influenced by newly captured insights is clicking. You are building your client base. All because of one question.

Okay, in the end it probably isn’t that simple. At the same time, it’s not that difficult either.

So think about it. What’s the one question you would ask? What is the biggest head scratch that keeps you up at night?

Recently, for hotel heavyweight Hyatt, the question was “How do YOU travel?”  The chain learned a lot. And all of it driven towards improving the traveler’s experience. One of the ‘a-ha’ moments centered on the fact that those traveling for business place a high value on trying interesting…

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Creating Engagement through Empathy engineering? people buy from people

Customer Strategy Practitioners

Creating Engagement Through Empathy Engineering?

Nicola Collister Supporting Image

So how do you build truly great levels of customer value? We have all heard the stories about customers with an 85% satisfaction rating being almost as likely to leave you as those with a 60% rating.

Well, perhaps that is because being satisfied with a service is simply not good enough, and the reason for that is because in any competitive marketplace, you want consumers to be engaged at a far higher level than just being satisfied – you want them to feel a true empathy for your brand!

People buy to feel better about themselves – from people they trust

Creating an emotionally compelling reason to buy has been the remit of marketing virtually since the inception of the discipline. It is the emotion that takes the consumer from buying on the basis of their ‘needs’ – I need a car – to…

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Customer Service: It’s all About the Little Things


If you follow the news at all, you are probably well aware by now of the massive data breach that sent retail giant Target spiraling into a public relations crisis from which it has yet to emerge. As you may also know, the company has taken almost as much flak for the difficulty shoppers had reaching customer service—and the treatment they received from call center agents once they did—as it did for the intrusion itself.


Here at Content Boost, we write often about the importance of  customer service, the impact it has on consumers and a brands image. In thinking about and discussing Target’s predicament over  the past few days, I thought a lot about how companies distinguish  themselves as customer service leaders. As they often do, my  thoughts turned to golf.

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Market Insights in Morocco & Ghana

A Global Commerce Immersion

Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things--Theodore Levitt