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To Me Marketing Is About Values – Steve Jobs


A brand is…

Millions of words and hundreds of scholars, professionals and academics have been devoted to summing up what branding is. But a brand is more than words on paper or a logo. It’s a combination of elements – from the packaging it comes in, to the way it’s advertised and communicated to its audience, strapline, design and identity; and ultimately its reputation and customer service all play a part in how the brand is perceived by its customers.

I recently heard someone summarise branding in a really succinct way:


This really resonated with me as I truly believe that creating positive, personal customer experiences are the essence of good branding and best practice. Essentially, a brand is a fusion of its image that means something to its target audience, and the brand identity that you (the brand owner) wants to portray. You’ve got to put the work in however, to add…

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Business transformation; the increased expectations of the connected consumer

Marketing Art & Science

Many companies are facing significant challenges due to the rise of the connected consumer. As the needs and aspirations of the consumer have increased so has the need for organizations to respond to these increased demands and to transform themselves.

There are numerous articles and books on this topic and I have consolidated the leading thinking in this area into my top 10 list. This list reflects the key pillars that I believe are fundamental for how the marketing function can support business transformation in the age of the consumer.

Here are the first five. I will share the remaining five in a follow-up post.

Leadership is about defining the long-term direction of the company and providing a working environment that enables and empowers the organization to successfully achieve their goals. Key qualities include; a very clear definition of the long-term goals of the organization and the journey it…

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Top 5 Social Networks for Brand Concept Inspiration

Dashing Brand Club

Inspire Social

The best Social Networks to use as inpirational-tools are the ones built to inspire the user to share their lifestyle.

Just accepted a new Brand Project and have no clue where to start, right?  Finding that key concept and client-pleasing idea is provably the hardest step to overcome on Strategic Branding.

We all wished we had a crystal-ball showing us the in-the-moment Trend and perfect Lifestyle we should base our Concept on.  The good news is that we don’t have to keep doing the well known, ineffective and tedious brainstorming meeting.

The universe of social media has given us brand insights at our beg and call. Users publish everyday their wants and needs, which is why the right social network can give you the basis for your next Brand Concept. 

5. Stumble Upon – Fast screening of the web, web-browsing meets social. Its easy enough to find something interesting and…

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Pinterest for Non-Profits


Three Critical Focal Points for Your Growth Strategy

L I F T : The SeriesC Blog

For the most recent McKinsey Quarterly, the firm produced a video in which two of its experts discuss the evolution of strategy in business. The video echos so much of what we advise our clients — growing companies — as we help them develop, adjust, and align their teams around their ideal strategies.  Here are three of the points we firmly believe that were backed up by comments in the video.  All three are critical focal points entrepreneurs and leaders should attend to when it comes to strategy:

1.  Market selection and targeting has the lion’s share of impact on your growth. A direct quote from the video: “80% of growth is explained by decisions about where to compete or by market selection.”  You must begin your growth strategy with a realistic assessment of how you make money, what problems you solve, for whom — and on that…

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Nexidia Advances Customer Interaction Analytics

Nexidia is best known as a vendor of speech analytics. It was one of the first in this market, and a key differentiator is that its product uses phonetics to identify words and phrases embedded in recordings of phone calls. This capability has the advantage over standard word and phrase spotting because users don’t have to create a dictionary of words they want to spot. Thus the software can analyze calls and identify their content without users having to predetermine what it should look for. The system can also index recordings based on the results of this analysis so that users can search back through the recordings to carry out more detailed analysis of calls they are interested in. Over the past few years Nexidia has advanced its product, now called Nexidia Interaction Analytics, to include other forms of text-based interactions such as text messages, chat scripts and social…

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Microsoft Customer Analytics Solution for Banking

Business Excellence

Understanding customers is the foundation to a sustainable competitive advantage in banking. Such problems as customer churn are very difficult to mitigate and much better just to prevent these events using analysis of customer behavior and preferences. To make it possible it is necessary to extract more value from internal and external data sources, and to be able interactively analyze intuitive data.

Microsoft Business Intelligence allows to solve problem of customer churn, provide better customer service, improve cross-selling, up-selling and enhance share of wallet.

Understanding importance of these tasks Microsoft created Customer Analytics Solution for Banking. In this blog post, I am presenting brief demonstration of this solution. After seeing video recording of demonstration (see below), you will find that marketers and other business users can easily use this solution to answer complex inquiries.

During the demonstration, I will act from points of view of different…

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Musings on Big Data, Customer Analytics, and Data Driven Business

The All Things Customer Blog

On LinkedIn, Don Peppers is sharing his perspective on making better decisions with data.  This got me thinking and I want to share with you what showed up for me. Why listen to my speaking?  I do have a scientific background (BSc Applied Physics).  I qualified as a chartered accountant and was involved in producing all kinds of reports for managers and saw what they did or did not do with them. More recently, I was the head of a data mining and predictive analytics practice. Let’s start.

Data and data driven decision-making tools are not enough

Yes, there is a data deluge, and this deluge is becoming down faster and faster. Big enough and fast enough to be given the catchy name Big Data.  What is forgotten is the effort that it takes to get this data fit for the purpose of modelling.  This is no easy-cheap task. Yet…

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Hype or the Real Deal? The Big Data Conundrum

Forte Consultancy

Big Data has become one of those terms you can’t avoid these days, all the rage in and around the business intelligence industry. The overwhelming buzz makes you wonder – is there something really there, or, is the hype the result of vendors and consultants trying to make another buck?

You can download PDF version of this whitepaper here.

What Is Big Data?

The 12 year old definition of Big Data is summarized in three words, a definition which is still prevalent today – the three V’s, namely volume, velocity, and variety. Big Data is now attributed to a set of paradigms and technologies which serve organizations in managing data in great volumes, that is collected and needs to be processed in great velocity and is fed from a great variety of sources – both structured and unstructured. Many expand the definition to include other concepts – some for…

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Market Insights in Morocco & Ghana

A Global Commerce Immersion

Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things--Theodore Levitt