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May 6, 2013

The Value of Great and Thoughtful Customer Service

by JenniferTsai

As we wrap up our spring semester and our Customer Value Analytics class, one main take-away sticks in my mind: “The customer is always first.” It seems like such a simple and obvious concept, and it is one that many companies tout as a priority guiding value. But in reality, a majority of companies do NOT do this well. Consumers are often seen as “cost centers” rather than “profit centers,” and actions are often taken to cut back and eliminate efforts that would dramatically improve customers’ experience with a brand or company, but are seen as too expensive.


One of the most prevalent examples is that customer service representatives and salespersons are often paid minimum-wage. Additionally, most of these employees are often part-time, and do not receive an attractive benefits and retirement package. However, given that these employees are the face of the company, as well as customers’ most direct touch-point and interaction channel with the brand, investing in these employees and ensuring that they love and are loyal to the brand can also be seen as an investment in customers.


One company who does customer service right is Chili’s. I came across this article which detailed a happy customers’ grateful post on Chili’s Facebook page. Long story short, the waitress and manager at a local Chili’s did everything in their power to ensure an autistic child’s satisfaction with her meal, by replacing her “broken burger” (which had been cut in half) with an entirely new one. This post not only went viral, but Chili’s also got nearly a million likes, not to mention tons of free PR. As Chili’s saw, small actions on the part of employees as well as adhering to the idea of “the customer is always first” can truly pay its dividends.


To read the full story, click the link below.

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