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May 4, 2013

Virgin America, becoming as bad as the rest

by alw5zp

This is my second time blogging about Virgin America, and in both cases they have not been in a good light. Just as I had a rather bad experience with Virgin America, this news report broke out of another one of their disaster-pieces of customer service.  For this man however, things were far more extreme with the authorities being called in. All over what? A dispute over a damn can of soda! All of this was because the man refused to use their console when calling for a flight attendant to get him a drink, and only after bickering with them about it three times did he finally get it.  Then when he got off the plane, they actually called the cops on him.  None of this would have happened if the flight attendant just gave him a soda when he asked for it. The fact that two of the flight attendants only focused on arguing with him about the console, and it was only a third that finally gave him a soda showed that there is something very wrong with their training.Virgin America go back to the drawing board.  Richard Branson, since when did you deliver the same crap as everyone else?

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