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May 3, 2013

Snapchat: The next promotion platform?

by yc7ey

Several days ago, Taco Bell asks twitter followers to add them on Snapchat, a photo messaging application which is pretty popular currently. There are two settings for “Who can send me snaps”: friends and everyone. Instead of forcing users to receive the messages from Taco Bell regardless of their settings, as some of Snapchat’s official snaps sent on holidays like Christmas and New years,  Taco Bell chose a more moderate way to advertise itself – only sending snaps to people who add them.


Actually, Taco Bell is not the first merchant starting using Snapchat to promote itself. In January 2013, 16 Handles, a frozen yogurt chain used this app for a counpon campaign.  As mobile platform is increasing popular in digital marketing area, I believe that, in the future, more merchants will seek mobile apps, such as Snapchat, to reach customers easier and sell themselves.

by Teresa

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