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May 2, 2013

What’s the difference between me and my luggage? I’ve never been to Boston before.

by rolfegarcia

This story is about another one of our favorite industries to hate on: the airline industry (more specifically: US Airways). A few months ago, a friend and I tried to surprise our friend in Boston. Unfortunately, this plan was derailed by a mid-March blizzard. While it isn’t that big of a surprise that US Airways would delay due to safety concerns, we were surprised to find out that Jet Blue was still running without delay. We later found out that US Airways was actually delayed not only due to the inclement weather, but due to some operation errors. Not wanting to spend another $300 to switch to Jet Blue, my friend and I decided to wait. Then we were hit with another delay. And another. Then one more. Finally, we decided to just cancel and try another weekend. At that point I realized that I had to go retrieve my check-in luggage…

US Airways couldn’t get the logistics right to get us to Boston, but of course, were perfectly fine with sending my luggage off to Boston. While the coordination of flights, luggage, and other logistics is something I could barely even begin to comprehend, I would think US Airways would have some system in place to ensure that luggage is not sent ahead of passengers, especially in times of delay. Next time I decide to fly domestically, I’ll make sure and take what I have learned from our many marketing classes and fly Jet Blue or Virgin instead. This way, I can ensure that I get to visit a new part of the country before my luggage does.

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