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May 2, 2013

Virgin America, because bad is good enough in the airline industry

by alw5zp

So months back I bought a round trip flight from Virgin America. I was actually a huge fan of the airline when I first flew it a few years back, and since then have flown with them several more times. This time however I booked my flight a bit later so there were no normal aisle or window seats, and since it was a rather long flight from LA to DC I decided what the hell I’ll fork over an extra $20 for their cabin select with extra leg space. Little did I know, this cabin select seat could not recline due to the row behind me being an emergency row. Luckily the row behind me is completely empty so why don’t I just take one of them so I can actually sleep on this flight, well about 5 minutes later a flight attendant rudely kicks me out of the seat, then buckles up each seat implying none of you customers are welcome to just take them.

The whole experience sucked, but I decided screw it, it’s easier to just let it go. However, since in class we have talked so much about the Virgin group being great at customer service I decided to give them a shot and make it up to me so I’d consider flying with them. First I posted on their Facebook site, they asked me private message them the issue. After private messaging them, they tell me to actually file a complaint on their site. After two weeks with no response I get pissed and post on their Facebook wall again, this time I get a resolution within an hour. What was the resolution? A $20 credit to a future flight with Virgin America! Wait, what I went through all this so they only give me a $20 credit for a FUTURE FLIGHT?!?! I consider the first $20 they took from me theft as is, giving me a $20 credit for a future purchase while they pocket my money is not an apology. Now I’m still ongoing demanding an actual credit back to my credit card or something. Why is all of this ok? That’s because despite all this United, US Airways, Delta, and other legacy carriers are terrible, so being bad is good enough. As for me, I’ll be sticking with my favorites Southwest and JetBlue next time. Virgin America you suck, Richard Branson I give you a golf clap.

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