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May 2, 2013

Don’t read if you have a sensitive stomach

by wheatr

For my last CVA blog post I thought I would offer a somewhat humorous account of three recent poor customer experiences I’ve had regarding food.

I went grocery shopping last Wednesday at the Barracks road Kroger. On my usual swoop through the produce section for veggies and salad I noticed Kroger was stocking a new product – an organic kale mixed salad. Impressed by Kroger’s healthy addition to its product selection, I decided to try it out. Boy do I wish I hadn’t. The awful stomach pain I experienced later that night and accompanying food poisoning taught me not to take this risk again.

Advice for Kroger: make sure your new products are bacteria-free.

My second experience also took place at Kroger. After waking up from a 4-hour post-Foxfield nap and realizing I hadn’t eaten anything since the Oreo’s I scarfed down midday, my visiting family friend and I decided to venture to Kroger and find some food. He was determined to get some avocados so we made a bee line back to that now-feared produce section. Having gotten ourselves quite excited about our avocado late-night, we were quite disappointed when we found every single avocado to be hard as a rock. Yes, customers like fresh produce, but it was almost as if the supply chain is TOO efficient, having gotten the produce to the shelf long before it was ripe. Again upset with Kroger, we  made the quick trip down the shopping  center to Harris Teeter where we had a much more satisfying customer experience. Not surprisingly I’m quickly losing faith in my local grocery destination.

Advice for Kroger #2: Make sure your produce is edible.

My third poor food experience in one that may have turned me off food for life (if that’s possible). Not feeling like making dinner on Sunday, I ran to Little John’s for my favorite white cheese pizza. Halfway through eating it, I was disgusted to find an approximately 1″ round piece of grey rubber baked into my pizza. Yuck! I have no idea where this rubber invader came from, nor do I want to, but I do know Little John’s just lost a customer.


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