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May 1, 2013

Hong Kong’s customer discrimination would jeopardize its economy

by Shao

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise for people from all over the world, but maybe not for some Chinese customers. It’s known to all Chinese that Hong Kong people tend to treat customers who speak mandarin poorly, at least not as good as other customers. As we discussed in Hong Kong seminar, Hong Kong people has a strong sense of superiority over people from mainland China. However, this shouldn’t have happened in the customer service area, especially in an international megacity.


This show us how customer service quality can be affected by the local culture. I believe that Hong Kong doesn’t want to drive away 6% of his GDP, but the customer discrimination is hurting the prospects of future businesses with Chinese from mainland China. I suggest that first of all Hong Kong people get rid of the prejudice and treat all the customers equally. At the same time, companies should invest in employee training, especially in mandarin training. It doesn’t sound good that not many Hong Kong people can speak mandarin while huge amount of visitors and businesses come to Hong Kong from mainland. Currently, Hong Kong are seeking more connections with mainland, like building the second longest bridge in the world and negotiating more trade deals with Chinese government. However, Hong Kong should foster the communication from inside.

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