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May 1, 2013

FoxField has Customer Value too…

by drewkeneally

I wanted my next post to relate to my classmates, as well as a wide range of people here at UVa.  With this in mind, I figured what better than a recent event that was attended by many people in the UVa community: FoxField.


While not immediately striking as an event that cares about customer value: (the idea to put a thousand drunk kids in a field is somewhat self-explanatory)-, we have to appreciate the fact that thousands of people pay forty dollars plus parking,  just for the right to attend.  Objectively, FoxField is a pastel- filled display of wanton debauchery at its finest.  However, an event with high demand and income has to be doing something right, especially considering the wide range of age groups and type of attendee.

To families it is a nice Saturday tailgate.

To equestrians it is a sporting event.

To college students it’s…well it’s a huge party.

To other stakeholders, like Albemarle county and the UVa administration, the event is a liability and somewhat of a black eye. 

But what the event organizers do impeccable is create the experience that each one of those groups wants.  They know how to leverage their resources so that everyone can enjoy exactly what they were expecting.  They keep families and students separate, keep the horses safe, and take precautions to appease law enforcement and administration officials.

As we talked in class, the McIntire tent failed in its desire to bring students and faculty together.  They believed that the high-end refreshments and food would attract students, but were wrong in that assessment.  The experiment failed because Comm school organizers failed to recognize what experience students went to Foxfield for…as well as the fact that students don’t want their professors enjoying to see them enjoying that experience.

The Foxfield organizers were able to understand how to deliver on those experiences which, combined with an obviously strong and incumbent brand, Foxfield is an event that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


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