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April 25, 2013


Chinese brands aggressive move on NBA superstars

by Shao

Dwyane wade was signed last summer by Chinese sports apparel Brand, Lining.


I didn’t notice that until when I am doing research for the Capstone project since our group has chosen Lining to be the target company. When Kevin Garnett was signed by Chinese brand Anta couple years ago, I was thinking that it’s just an exception that Chinese brand can sign NBA superstars. It seems now that Chinese sports apparel companies are investing huge in this rapidly developing domestic market. In my opinion, the reasons behind this are the Chinese customers’ increasing exposure to NBA and the huge star power that could alter customers’ perception of a product.


NBA is going strong in China, with annual revenue growth rate of about 20% in recent years. The marketing saturation of NBA in China is a huge success. There are NBA TV broadcastings, commercials, social media penetration all over China. Also, NBA is very good at engage NBA fans into all kinds of activities and programs both in reality and online. As a result, NBA become a well-known name in China and meanwhile basketball become one of the most popular sports among Chinese youngsters. Chinese people just got overwhelmed in the exposure to NBA.


Lining and Anta definitely took advantage of this trend and tried hard to have NBA superstars to endorse their products. By doing so, companies can leverage the positive image and NBA viewers’ loyalty of the stars to simply shape customers’ decision making process.


What I learned from this pheromone is that companies can take advantage of the foreign brands, especially those successful invading brands. To partner with them or to harness the customer awareness and loyalty of those brand for the purpose of promoting our own brand. Another example I can give is that China Mobile partnered with Apple and spent huge amount of money on marketing, emphasizing the combination of wireless services they provide and the high quality and innovation of iPhone.

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  1. Apr 25 2013

    This is so appropriate for you hahaha


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