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April 24, 2013

Confusion at the gate

by Lindsey Fay

I can genuinely say that I enjoy traveling – all facets of it (including the airport). Over spring break I had the opportunity to fly from BWI to Ft. Lauderdale via AirTran, the budget airline within Southwest (the original budget airline).

It was Monday morning and our flight wasn’t until 3 pm; however, my mom could only drop my friend and I off at BWI around 8:30 am. So, we get there incredibly early and look forward to our flight at 3. There was another flight leaving for Ft. Lauderdale at noon. We quickly realized that the noon flight had been delayed and, in the back of my mind even though there was no way this could happen; I was thinking they better not put those noon people on our flight.

Luckily, we were boarded around 2:50 pm. And I had literally just settled into my seat, when in a twist of events, was ordered off of the plane. Guess what happened. They put the bastards from the noon flight on my plane AND canceled our flight all together.

However, I wasn’t fazed like most of the passengers who bombarded the customer service counter. I just sat back because if I know Southwest, I know they’ll find a way to fix this terrible mistake they made. I was right. We made it to Ft. Lauderdale at midnight that night, but were also given roundtrip tickets and a $100 voucher for any flight. Relationship saved … at least for me.

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