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April 17, 2013

McDonalds is Facing Increasing Complaints About Customer Service

by besshundley3

We discussed the importance of sales force management last week in class and the critical role of employees in an organization. It’s obvious that an organization can’t exist without its employees but I think corporations fail to acknowledge that their employees can serve as their biggest asset as well as their biggest setback. There are numerous companies that are praised for their smiling employees and stellar customer service such as Apple and the Ritz Carlton.  However, there are also several companies that are heavily criticized for their low employee morale and poor customer service such as Comcast and Delta Airlines.


McDonalds has recently been in the news for earnings disappointments and there have been several articles discussing their poor customer service. Last week the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “McDonalds Tackles Repair of Broken Service” which gave a general overview of issues McDonalds is having and ways in which they plan on dealing with them. Devising an overarching customer service and employee strategy poses as a challenge to McDonalds given the large number of franchises with independent owners and various policies at each store. McDonalds executives met with franchise owners to discuss the issue of increasing customer complaints in which one in five complaints were related to friendliness issues. The top complaint was rude or unprofessional employees. In order to battle this issue, McDonalds is planning on focusing heavily on customer service and listening to customer feedback. 


I think that McDonalds needs to focus their attention on boosting employee morale through improving their staffing and training policies. They need to benchmark from competitors such as Chick-fil-a whose employees are praised for their friendliness and professional attitude. McDonalds needs to hire individuals that care about their brand and upholding McDonald’s reputation. I realize that implementing an overarching policy is difficult given the large number of independent owners but something must be done in order to keep the service consistent across stores and not endanger the brand’s equity.

Bess Hundley 



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