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April 10, 2013

QR Code Technology might Revolutionize Jean Shopping for Men

by cab5de

A pilot store in New York City hopes to find success in combining technology with traditional shopping. Hointer aims to provide a revolutionary shopping experience for men that do not enjoy jean shopping. The founder and CEO Nadia Shouraboura noticed the frustrations that men face when shopping for jeans: too many style and color options, disorganized shelves, and the frustration of not finding the appropriate size.

These frustrations will melt away as customers enter Hointer. The store has a crisp, clean and minimal atmosphere that closely resembles the look of an Apple store. Jeans hang on racks displaying the different styles and colors offered. Only one sample of each type is available for customers to look at and feel. Did the CEO read and learn a lesson or two from The Apple Experience?

Once a customer sees a pair of jeans that he is interested in, he must download the Hointer app. Once the app has been downloaded, he can scan the QR code visible on the tag of the jeans. After selecting his size, the customer can choose to try on the pair of jeans by pressing the “Try On” button displayed on the phone. Immediately, the app informs you which dressing room the jeans will be available in. Upon arriving to the dressing room, the jeans are already there for you to try on.

Hointer’s innovative business model not only makes shopping easier for customers, but also significantly reduces the store’s costs. Because customers are responsible for scanning their own pair of jeans, fewer sales reps are needed on the floor, which reduces labor costs. There is very limited shelf space needed due to the set up of the store. As a result, Hointer is ten times more efficient than traditional retail store.

One concern is that the customer’s experience will be ruined and the shop will struggle to operate if the technology shuts down or falters. Also, the customer experience is limited to those who have smart phones. This could significantly limit Hointer’s customer base.

Despite these concerns, the store has resonated well with customers. A quick, painless, new and exciting shopping experience has created added value for customers. Hointer, a store that boasts lower costs and a better customer experience, seems like it could be the next winning business model in the retail industry.

– Christina

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