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April 5, 2013

My Adventure to Fashion Square Mall

by Lindsey Fay

I hate shopping. I seriously hate it. I hadn’t gone grocery shopping for almost two months until yesterday. And, if that’s how I approach grocery shopping, I’m sure you can imagine how I feel about clothes shopping.

There’s an event coming up for the grad kids called “Comm Prom”. So, naturally I decided it was time to go dress shopping. Even though  I was tired and would have preferred eating all my new grocery purchases, I motivated myself out of my house and to Fashion Square Mall this afternoon.

I had one store in mind – Belk. I parked directly outside of Belk so that when I found the perfect dress or didn’t, I could escape as quickly as possible. However, my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to peruse some other stores. I quickly dipped into Buckle, American Eagle and Wet Seal. (Ah, the endless possibilities!) I miraculously managed to find a few cute tops at Body Central. Wait! I was there for a dress. So, I refocused and decided I’d go to Express and see if I could find a semi-formal dress. NOPE.

Well, the only thing left was JCPenney’s, and I sure as hell wasn’t going there. We’ve talked about how crappy JCPenney was over and over and over again throughout the entire year. Even after JCP started pricing at incredibly low prices, people still hated the store. And, from my own experience, that place was a disaster. I mentioned that I hated clothes shopping earlier and the reason why is because it’s overwhelming how much stuff there is. It’s WAY TOO MUCH – and JCP was a prime example of that. However, I realized that I never go shopping so I might as well check JCPenney out. As I was walking up, I noticed how bright and open it was. (Very Apple-y.) Then, when I started to look around I realized that everything was reasonable priced. So, I went a little crazy and bought way too many tops. I guess if JCP was trying to get people to actually buy stuff at their store then it worked, at least on me.

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