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March 17, 2013

Lemongrass Experience

by leahwang

Let me rant for a moment about the portion control at Lemongrass, a local Viet/Thai restaurant we have at the Corner.

Needless to say, the food at this restaurant is pretty good and I go there often for both lunch and dinner. My personal opinion is that this place offers the best tasting Asian cuisine at the Corner, but every time I go, I’m always disappointed by the portions I receive.

2013-03-06 21.07.59

Not long ago, I went to Lemongrass for dinner with several friends. The place is quite small, so our table right in the center of the restaurant is only a foot away from the table next to us. When our entrees arrived, my friend was dismayed to find that her Pad See Ew (stir fried broad noodles with soy sauce, egg, Chinese broccoli, and sliced meat) was much smaller in portion compared to the other times we ordered it. My own Thai Spicy Beef and side jasmine rice were also lacking in portion. An extra serving of rice costs $1.50, so they always have a tiny serving of jasmine rice in a small square plate. If you want value for your dollar, Gingko’s (the Chinese restaurant next door) gives you all the rice you want as well as large dish portions.

Twenty minutes later, as we sit happily chatting away, the three girls at the table next to ours also received their orders of Pad See Ew. Glancing over briefly, I gasped out loud in shock at the enormous portions they received. Their plates contained almost 3 times the amount on my friend’s plate.

Although this experience made us unhappy customers, we did not complain (as usual) and will probably soon return to Lemongrass again for more Pad See Ew. The food is reasonably good and the location is good, so the restaurant will probably not have many problems even if they give irregular portions.

2013-03-06 21.07.16

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