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March 15, 2013

Class Changing Shopping Perspectives

by chelsea

Subconcious or not, Customer Value Analytics is changing the way I shop. Today I entered Tyson’s Corner shopping center and the way I viewed stores was very different than when I had entered the same mall at Christmas time. Each store I went into I analyzed if the workers greeted me, what level of interaction they pursued, how the store was set up and the advertisements. Although I couldn’t know the every business plans, I tried to understand  if it was looking from the outside in or the inside out! The shopping trip was success concerning blogging but a failure for my wardrobe as I left empty-handed.

I believe an example of great customer service and outside in perspective was at Sephora. Within a minute upon entering, I was greeted and asked if I was looking for anything. Since I was just browsing, I declined their help. The store was separated into beauty departments- makeup, hair, skin, fragrance and nails. The store was designed around the needs of the customer while luxury/elite makeup companies were set a part and highlighted at the front of the store. There were no glaring “SALE” signs and besides the abundance of SKUs the walls were bare and white. I believe Sephora had researched what their customers wanted and then designed the store to fit (hence the outside in perspective).

As I roamed around the store, I was greeted by a worker/expert IN EVERY SINGLE SECTION. I also observed the workers with customers and noticed they had incredible knowledge about all their products and asked insightful questions to the customers. If a customer wanted to just buy regular makeup and get out, they would have gone somewhere else. Sephora’s customers value the knowledge and expertise of its workers and therefore Sephora can ask for high prices. Another note, Sephora was highlighting the color Emerald Green (apparently it is the color of the year.) I noticed that makeup attendant was wearing emerald green makeup which helped the customers visualize Sephora’s products. The employees truely live, wear, and breath Sephora!

Oh course with every Beauty there is a Beast and that would be New York & Co. One step into the store and I was ready to leave. No organization, no clear “path”, and no employees in sight! There was a rather long line for the checkout- I probably would have left. With NY&co’s quick turn over of bright, colorful clothes, they need to at least have consistent customer service! Not going to shop there for awhile!

Shopping has now officially become an adventure in analytics!

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