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March 15, 2013

by mhislop

Besides our ever loved Apple, has there ever been a company who has dedicated itself to the customer experience like Disney? Surely not, as Walt Disney wanted to ensure that his parks were not money making schemes, but places to experience the Disney magic. Most recently, Disney has decided to get rid of the infamous turnstiles and gates that are common to all theme parks. Instead, Disney has inserted touch point globes (with Mickeys image splashed across it of course!) to assist customers. Now instead of flashing tickets or dropping money, customers can quickly and easily scan their wrist bands at globe points. This will make life easier for those in wheelchairs,   those chaperoning their kids, or kids themselves. And for anyone who has problems with their bracelet or the globe? Employees will be standing nearby with Apple iPod touches to assist.

disney turnstile.


Currently introduced at the Florida location, the magic bands are part of Disney’s new initiative, MyMagic+.   The bracelet is part of the MagicBand program which will also assist in meal swipes and hotel/room access.  Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, states that “The company hopes they will create a “more seamless and more personal experience,” . I believe Disney is a suburb example  of a company who is analyzing every little bit of the customer experience and asking themselves, how can we improve this? Is there a better way to do this?  And this is why they have become the most impressive    amusement park to date .

Additionally, Disney does not just focus on the best experience for the paying customers (aka, the adults) but it consistently working to make experiences better for every customer that visits its parks. For example, a trial princess area is opening up in Disneyland (California). Called Fantasy Faire, this theater aims to capture every little girls heart. Capitalizing on its already well-loved princesses, Fantasy Faire  is a medieval village that will include meet and greats (with live princesses)in the Royal Hall , a Disney show (either Tangled or Beauty and the Beast)  and a gift shop solely dedicated to the princesses.


I think it is Disneys attention to detail, to every part of the Disney experience and to every customer that walks through its turnstiles (wait… globes) that will make this company transcend all others and reserve it place as an iconic place in the World, no matter where or when you visit Disney.


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