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March 10, 2013

Never fear, Starbucks is here!

by nomlinz

To all the students pulling all-nighters in Clemons…

To all the students ready for another pick-me-up on hour 22 of being awake before that paper is due in the morning…

To all the students tired of their generic Red Bulls, 5-hour Energy bottles, and Monster drinks…

This installation is for you!

As I ventured into Clemons the other day to check out some DVDs, I noticed a seemingly often-used coffee monstrosity located at the back wall of the Library.


Despite not being a 24-hour coffee and snack shop (think Dunkin’ Donuts), it seems like Starbucks has finally learned to capitalize on the college scene of non-sleeping students. With locations around Grounds, the brand has already made its way into the lives of coffee-addicted students, faculty, and staff. This decision to place a Starbucks-branded self-serve coffee maker into the library is ingenious – it capitalizes on a different market than its AM stores (that of all-nighting students), requires low investment (no baristas, a physical Starbucks atmosphere, etc.), gives literal meaning to water-cooler talk (or is it coffee-machine talk?), and provides strong customer value (who doesn’t want some classy coffee when they’re up at 3AM trudging through a paper?). The decision also provides consumers with the feeling that Starbucks is always there for you both as a daily morning wake-up at its well-known stores with its friendly baristas and wholesome experience and as a late-night quick pick-me-up when there is a time crunch. .


Never fear, Starbucks is here!

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