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February 27, 2013

Why Google Glass is fascinating; Chromebook Pixel just puzzling

by narie4

Why Google Glass is fascinating; Chromebook Pixel just puzzling

As the article’s title implies, Google seems to have struck a chord on potentially delivering real innovative value with its most recent teaser of Google Glass (  Although Glass has its skeptics, I believe that “augmented reality” (which adds to the user’s experience without obstructing it) is totally new value that many will pay top-dollar for (indeed, the Glass prototype is currently going for $1,500).  Sharing an experience with a friend in real-time – and watching their reaction in the corner of your eye, also in real-time – is something that has never been done before, and frankly sounds awesome.

Google’s latest notebook (Chromebook Pixel) however, just really seems to miss that absolutely essential function Rob Daley talked about.  What is a notebook, really?  A portable computer.  Now like all Chromebooks, the Pixel is purely cloud-driven, and so is basically a brick without an internet connection.  But with an internet connection, it is amazingly fast and functional while carrying around very little hardware, normally necessary for a traditional notebook (the Pixel has only 32 GBs of hard drive storage!).  But with a mere 5 hours of battery life, it’s not clear where all that saved space and computing power is going.  For a portable computer, the Pixel isn’t looking all that portable, and will likely convince few people to pony up at its current $1,299 price tag.

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