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January 31, 2013

The Unnecessarily Long Road to NFL Redzone

by rolfegarcia

Last class, we talked a little about whether or not it would benefit cable companies to invest more in building relational value with customers, considering this is often their weak point.  This made me think back to a somewhat annoying, but funny interaction I had with a Comcast service rep a couple months ago.

Sometime in the fall, midway through the NFL season, my roommates and I decided on a whim to subscribe to NFL Redzone. For those who don’t know, NFL Redzone essentially allows you to watch highlights from all NFL games that are happening on Sunday in real time. Anyway, we saw that it only added another $5 to our cable bill so we figured, why not? I hopped onto Comcast’s Xfinity website to sign us up, naively thinking that it would be a simple one-click process.

I was quite mistaken. For whatever reason (that only Comcast knows), I had to chat with a Comcast service rep prior to activating Redzone. Again, I thought it would be a quick, “would you like to purchase NFL Redzone – Yes”, kind of interaction. Not Quite. I was bombarded with questions about why I was purchasing it, if I would like it activated today (vs. tomorrow?), with a little bit of small talk sprinkled here and there. I’m pretty sure I lost count of how many times I asked, “could you please just activate it?” After about 20 minutes of talking, he finally set it up and asked if he could help with anything else.  I had grown a bit impatient by this point, so I jokingly typed out “No, I appreciate you too.” He offered his thanks and ended his message with “May the Almighty Father guide and bless you always” which took me off guard, because of all the people who could have possibly blessed me on a Sunday, a Comcast customer service rep was probably last on my list.

Going off of my personal experience and the countless complaints I’ve heard from friends, I believe that a cable company could greatly differentiate itself within the industry simply by being more customer focused. Considering it’s a given that cable company = poor customer service, there is a huge opportunity for a company to step up and be the cable company that truly cares about its customers.

Screencap from the interaction with Comcast service rep, Victor

Screencap of chat with Comcast service rep, Victor

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