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January 29, 2013

A Personal Stylist in your Email

by angadw

Casually wandering around the vast information-scape that is the internet I stumbled across an interesting service. Trunk Club ( is a website dedicated to enhancing the wardrobes of men around the country. Founded in Chicago, the internet start-up offers a unique value proposition: They will buy your clothes for you, if you tell them what ballpark to look in.

The model is designed to simplify shopping for men, who traditionally have not been fans of the activity. They have a staff of individuals that will scour the fashion world to find you exactly what you’re looking for upon your request. It seems an intriguing proposition, though admittedly nothing truly groundbreaking, since sites like Gilt have been bringing high quality fashion products to discerning consumers over the internet for years now.

What I believe separates them from companies in the e-high-end-clothing business is three principles they proudly display on their website.

No Commitment

We only ship trunks at your request, and you will never pay for an item that you don’t keep. It’s all up to you.

No Fees

There are no membership fees, minimums, or long-term commitments.

Try Then Buy

Break out the mirror and give yourself a fashion show. Don’t be shy about trying anything on.


I personally think the high level of service that these three principles afford will be the key to the success of this business. They effectively create a real and personal relationship with their customers that is catered specifically to that customers needs at that specific point in time. By mirroring all of the beneficial qualities that an actual personal stylist gives a customer and making it more affordable, I believe the Trunk Club’s membership will be on the rise.

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