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January 25, 2013

by HoosOnBrand

Our Two Sense


As precocious children, we ask many questions and follow those questions with the question “why?” …repeatedly…eventually, we got what we needed and moved on to the next question.  As a science major in college, I used the question why repeatedly as a problem-solving method.  While observing numerous focus groups and interviews, reviewing hundreds of guides while on the client side, the use of the question “why?” was plentiful when we wanted to “dig deeper” and “understand the customer’s wants and unmet needs.”

This all changed for me a while ago, when I decided to take an Advanced Moderating Course (BTW – highly recommended to any supplier or client) at RIVA from the esteemed Naomi Henderson who challenged my interviewing skills on how I asked questions.  One of the first, and probably the most important things I learned was “DO NOT ASK WHY?”  At first, I was taken back, “what…

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